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Crazy Time • Sneakers

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Reviews voor: Crazy Time Sneakers

3 reviews
DAME 3 Roots Schoenen
DAME 3 Roots Schoenen
07 januari 2017
Great shoe would recommend to a friend

Overall i think the dame 3 is a very well made shoe which uses the best materials. I especially like the custom lace system that they have used on the shoe which allows you to fully customise your laces position which gives the shoe a more personal touch to how you want it. The only fault i found with the shoe is with the tongue which seems to flop away from my leg but this be because i could only get the shoe a 1/2 size more which was probally the reason behind this loose tongue ... read more

DAME 3 Roots Schoenen
DAME 3 Roots Schoenen
04 januari 2017
Life isn't about how fast you run, or how high you climb; it's about how well you bounce!!

Sink into the midsole and become one with the shoe! Awesome traction and unique lockdown make this a game changer & future collector's material. If you don't cop you'll pay for it later on the court if your opponent reads this review.......ah ha ... read more

DAME 3 Roots Schoenen
DAME 3 Roots Schoenen
17 december 2016
So far, so good! Performance Review coming next week on my Youtube Channel "RBTheBreakThrough

Hi guys, for anyone wanting to see the performance review, go to Youtube and lookup "RBTheBreakThrough". You will LOVE the upcoming Performance Review! Just reached 20,000 subscribers and growing quickly!!! ... read more