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Orlando Magic • Basketbal

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Reviews voor: Orlando Magic Basketbal

3 reviews
Magic Retired Basketbalshirt
Magic Retired Basketbalshirt
09 november 2016

The jersey is a really good material and i like how the design doesnt take away from comfort. However when i recieved mine, it doesnt have an adidas sign on the front of the jersey or the adidas tag. just hardwood classic. The adidas is on the inside around the neck. i dont know if this is deliberate or whatever. but its not like how its on the picture displayed. ... read more

Magic Retired Basketbalshirt
Magic Retired Basketbalshirt
24 september 2016
Another great product

I've bought at least 7 of these to date and I can't fault them at all. Comfy to wear,fit perfectly and are stylish enough to wear in the gym or on the streets. I'd recommend any of these vest to anyone ... read more

Magic Retired Basketbalshirt
Magic Retired Basketbalshirt
24 december 2015
Excellent purchase!

I bought this for my bf and he loved it so much, been wearing it for basketball ever since! He's 5'5" and the size S fits perfectly. He said it's more than what he would expect, as a collectible item nonetheless. Definitely would recommend this to all basketball lovers out there! ... read more

AishaM, London