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Sneakers • Climachill

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5 reviews
NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
04 januari 2017
Not impressed at all.

For a huge company like adidas, one would think the condition and quality sent out by them is very good, and with the nmd being one of there most known shoe at the moment it should be. I ordered a pair about a week ago, specifically the white duck camo xr1 model. They just arrived about 30 minutes ago and I am very surprised about how they turned out. My shoe box came with wrinkles and a huge hole in the bottom. There are brown stains and holes on the sole. The soles are wrinkled, and this should not happen to a brand new shoe. The condition was terrible and even some dirt was found ... read more

NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
08 december 2016
Pretty lit kicks

I was mostly buying these for the look of the NMD's, rather than the actual shoe, but my, oh my, this pricetag is worth it for the quality of shoe that you get. The shoe fits on your shoe like a sock, and the boost means that your feet are never sore, no matter what you're doing. Good on the street, good at the gym, good anywhere. I recommend these shoes whole-heartedly. ... read more

NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
06 december 2016
fashionable purchase

The shoe slips in really nicely and the sole is very comfortable. There is a slight heel slippage but that may be only due to my size choice. The toe box of the shoe is very comfortable and flexible, no frictions/ ... read more

NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
02 december 2016
One of the most comfy hype shoe in 2016

Definitely one of my favourite shoe in 2016! However upon unboxing the shoe, realized there's some coloring stain on the white sole. A lil disappointed but I got it sorted out by using Bleach Pen to removed the stain. Overall, the fit is super comfy and the look is stunning! ... read more

NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
NMD_XR1 Primeknit Schoenen
21 november 2016
Awesome nmd, few flaws here and there

Beautiful shoe, however there is a few flaws, the plastic cage is does feel kind of cheap, and if you don't lose the laces the cage bother you on the sides, also the sizing is way of as usual on nmd, way to big. ... read more

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