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Zomer • Gewichtheffen

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Reviews voor: Zomer Gewichtheffen

5 reviews
Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
27 november 2016
Overall very good product and satisfied

I like the fit and style of the product very much. Close but not too close to the body. The fabric is light and I find appropriate down to about 10 degrees weather. It's an excellent basic running shirt. ... read more

Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
24 oktober 2016
Really comfortable, light tops for all sorts of activity

I love these t-shirts training tops. I own six of them at this stage. They are really comfortable to wear and so quick drying. I wear them hiking in summer, have worn them on the Camino in Spain and always wear them in the gym and spinning classes. ... read more

Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
03 juni 2016
Fantastic fabric

The fabric feels like cotton but is actually 100% polyester hence is quick to dry. Size fits true to size (unlike some Adidas that require me to order one size smaller), although a tad too long in my opinion. ... read more

Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
02 mei 2016
Excellent staple

As the labels say on these, they aren't cotton but they feel just like it. As such they are lighter than cotton, dry faster, don't deform or fade as quickly etc. They still stretch out a bit though, as any material this thin, even polyester, will. I like the cut on these better than the previous incarnation of sports essentials t-shirts--these prime shirts aren't hourglass shaped and the sleeves are a bit longer. They fit true to size--buy what size you normally would on a T-shirt but be aware these won't shrink up in the dryer. The dry dye feature on these isn't a quality of the fabric so it may not be like other dry dye shirts you may have, it is just an environmentally friendly process for colouring various fabrics. ... read more

MattScott, Canada
Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
Prime DRYDYE T-shirt
29 april 2016
Excellent product at great price.

Really comfortable top to run and work out in. Fits closely so looks good but isn't tight so it's uncomfortable. Material is light and doesn't retain sweat much making it great for sweaty gym sessions. ... read more

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