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Bestellingen boven €50 worden gratis bezorgd

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4 reviews
Matchcourt RX Schoenen
Matchcourt RX Schoenen
12 juli 2018
Rich color makes these great for a night out.

color, suede, comfort. These aren't my every day adidas, they are my going out for the night shoes when I want something informal and stylish. ... read more

Matchcourt RX Schoenen
Matchcourt RX Schoenen
25 juni 2018
Happy with the purchase

Overall, I like the shoes. They are decently comfortable. They fit a little looser than other shoes of the same size. ... read more

Matchcourt RX Schoenen
Matchcourt RX Schoenen
13 april 2018
Top Stuff

These are amazing trainers. They fit so well and they are seriously comfy to walk about in. The color is striking and always gets compliments. And the material is really beautiful. Once again another classic for the wardrobe. ... read more

Matchcourt RX Schoenen
Matchcourt RX Schoenen
29 maart 2018
Very promising

These were bought for cycling, to use in toeclips, but also to be suitable to walk around in. They needed to be fairly narrow, with a toe that isn't bulky, have a flat sole that won't hang on the pedal, also with some thickness to cushion the foot. They hit all those marks, plus they seem very nicely made. Only reason for holding back on the score is that I don't yet know how durable they are. That said, I would certainly buy again. ... read more

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