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Bestellingen boven €50 worden gratis bezorgd

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4 reviews
All Me Strappy Beha
All Me Strappy Beha
30 juni 2018
Great sports bra

Really like this sports bra, although it has no pads for support it’s still super comfy and supportive and I love the back of it! ... read more

Wanderlust Naadloze Beha
Wanderlust Naadloze Beha
28 juni 2018
Yes but not quite..

The material is crisp white and very soft. The inside labels are very long and bulky to leave on but not possible to remove them entirely so the edge is scratching and uncomfortable ... read more

Wanderlust Naadloze Beha
Wanderlust Naadloze Beha
06 mei 2018
Comfy and flattering.

Great sports bra for those of us who are not well endowed. Comfy shoulder straps which don’t dig in or leave red marks. Nicely padded to save any blushes. ... read more

Wanderlust Naadloze Beha
Wanderlust Naadloze Beha
01 april 2018
Super comfortable and flattering.

This bra ticks all the boxes; It’s all one colour, comes with pads, it’s stretchy and has adjustable straps. Perfect for yoga or weight training. I would highly recommend this bra for anyone looking for light support. ... read more

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