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7 reviews
Tango Rosario Bal
Tango Rosario Bal
09 juni 2018
Doesn't Hold Air

Bought 3 of these balls, all 3 have an issue with holding air. I have to pump them up before practices and again after because it's deflated. I wouldn't waste money on these again.. ... read more

Tango Rosario Bal
Tango Rosario Bal
19 december 2017

Always loved this ball and this is a great version. Only downside, is it should have had the original trefoil logo. Still a classic. ... read more

Tango Rosario Bal
Tango Rosario Bal
03 december 2016
It is excellent value for money.

The ball feels authentic. It smells of leather and stitching looks good. It is of excellent quality. ... read more

Tango Rosario Bal
Tango Rosario Bal
13 juni 2016
Good ball, just missing a trefoil

Adidas Tango - still the best ball in the history of the game. This ones not the top of the range but a great ball for the price. Not getting 5 stars because it doesn't have the trefoil on it like it should. Comes fully inflated, without any adaptor. ... read more

Tango Rosario Bal
Tango Rosario Bal
23 oktober 2015
Tango Ball

Bought for a nephew (who wasn't around in '78) and delighted with the quality. Would have got a 5* rating if the adidas emblem was the old school, 'of the period' version. ... read more

ClumsyJim, Huddersfield
Tango Rosario Bal
Tango Rosario Bal
26 december 2014
Best ball under $100

This is the best ball you can have for under $100, flies well, puts up with a LOT of abuse on pavement and everywhere else. It is stiched not heat pressed so it doesn't come apart. During the world cup the stores only had the brazuca and I had to get one, then return it about 4 weeks later for a Tango Rosario because the brazuca came apart at the seams. ... read more

lattes2020, Toronto
Tango Rosario Bal
Tango Rosario Bal
11 september 2012
Cheap but unreliable

I'm a soccer coach who made the mistake of trying to save money by going with the tango rosario as our training ball instead of the more expensive Pasadena. I've used the Pasadena in the past and like it a lot, and I figured the cheaper Rosario would be good enough for training and save me $20/ball on the budget. The Rosario is very bad right out of the box, as it wobbles in the air, and doesn`t roll true. The air valves are also very weak, and most of the balls need re-pumping before every practice. (6 days a week). There are other, way better $40 balls available. ... read more

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