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Dames • Handschoenen • Climacool

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Reviews voor: Dames Handschoenen Climacool

3 reviews
Climalite Versatile Handschoenen
Climalite Versatile Handschoenen
04 mei 2018
Good purchase

I have small hands but these x small fit perfectly and they are exactly how they are described. The grip is good and they are comfortable to wear. Would recommend! ... read more

Climalite Versatile Handschoenen
Climalite Versatile Handschoenen
26 maart 2018
Love it!

Reasonably priced and they are more comfortable to wear and use in the gym than my last pair from Adidas Well an improved product indeed ... read more

Climalite Versatile Handschoenen
Climalite Versatile Handschoenen
30 januari 2018
Not useful for pull ups/ chin ups

Bought these gloves primarily to stop callouses on tops of palms due to once a week gym class that involves frame training/ pull ups, however this product offers no protection or buffering against that - no padding, just cloth. I thought just cloth /one layer of protection would help, but it doesnt at all Maybe helps a bit to absorb sweat and slippage, but the fabric has no real external grip either. These gloves maybe ok for general gym work, but didn't work at all in terms of what i needed. Also i am an average-petite size woman and bought small (the smallest size), and the wrist straps were too big, this wasn't a huge problem as the glove fit was ok ... read more