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Heren • Accessoires • Climachill

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Reviews voor: Heren Accessoires Climachill

7 reviews
C40 Climachill Pet
C40 Climachill Pet
16 juli 2018
Excellent hat for somebody who runs hot!

I'm always hot and during this heat wave this adds up to a lot of sweat. I've already stained one hat from elsewhere due to this, but the C40 Climachill Cap has no issues with it. Every time I remove my hat the inside is soaked, but the outside shows no sign and no decolouration. The hat itself is lightweight, and unlike other lightweight hats it doesn't show my dark hair through the material. It also fits perfectly with the adjustable strap on the back. The added bonus clip on the strap makes it easy to attach to my bag, belt, etc. when I do remove it and want to be able to use both hands. ... read more

C40 Climachill Pet
C40 Climachill Pet
09 juli 2018
erg blij mee

super fijne kwaliteit! draag het graag tijdens het fietsen, is lekker licht en beschermt goed tegen de zon. ... read more

C40 Climachill Pet
C40 Climachill Pet
07 juli 2018
Mooi ontwerp, beschermd tegen de zon

Het is een mooi ontwerp, beschermd tegen de zon. Licht materiaal waardoor de pet fijn is om e dragen. ... read more

C40 Climachill Pet
C40 Climachill Pet
01 juli 2018
I haven't worn this yet but the shape doesn't suit me.

I bought two caps with two different shapes across the width at the front. The quality of the hat is very good but it depends on what suits. ... read more

C40 Climachill Pet
C40 Climachill Pet
24 juni 2018
It’s cool enough

It’s good in the sense that it’s very cool to wear because of the light fabric and when you’re working out it definitely keeps you dry. I did feel that the fit could have been a bit better. I’ve got a big head, but this cap was BIG ... read more

C40 Climachill Pet
C40 Climachill Pet
20 mei 2018
Really good running cap

This is a very good running cap. If you are between "men" and "women" sizes you might want to go to smaller one. It is not a big problem thought and you will be fine with either one. ... read more

C40 Climachill Pet
C40 Climachill Pet
18 mei 2018
Ideal cap for running outdoors in the glorious sunshine!

Do you want a cap that keeps the sun outta your eyes? How about wicking the sweat away too? Adjustable for your big/wee head? How about one that looks good while simultaneously doin' ALL of the above? Course you do! Buy it. ... read more

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