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3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
13 juni 2018
very comfortable

Hands down one of the most comfortable shoes without boost. I will be doing a full review on Youtube shortly. ... read more

3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
07 juni 2018
difficult to review , as my size was not correct

They shoe itsels really looks great, but as I'm wearing supporting soles , the fit was not good anymore ... read more

3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
04 mei 2018
Extreme comfort and functionality, skateboarding will never be the same.

I have to be honest, I was weary when purchasing the 3ST.002 Prime Knit thinking that the material would not have the structural integrity to hold up to the wear and tear of skateboarding. After about two weeks of skating everyday, so far they are still almost like new. The shoe conforms to the shape of your feet and breaks in even better over the course of a few days. There is great board fee in the forefoot as well as a solid heal cushion. The arch support fit my arch perfectly adding the support that many skate shoes lack. Because of the material and the nature of skateboarding, there is occasional unwanted movement of the foot during skateboard, but after the break-in period this seems to fade away as the shoe ‘remembers’ your foot. Highly reccomended, extremely comfortable, and would definitely buy again. Not to mention they look like ninja shoes and I get complimented on that constantly! ... read more

3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
25 april 2018
Love the look, like the fitting, very comfortable

Love the look, like the fitting, very comfortable. You can order one size smaller and it has a slim fit, perfect for me but maybe not for everyone. I’d expect a better innersole, like a ortholite-Sole other Adidas shoes have, for me that’s the only downside. ... read more

3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
24 april 2018
Looks great, feels great

I’ve had theses for two weeks now. I have terrible feet so have to choose my shoes very carefully. These are brilliant! They look even better than they do in photos; they’re really comfortable and true to size - I take a UK 9.5, and these fit just right. I wear them most of the time, walk miles in them, and my feet feel great. Very comfortable and they go with shorts, jeans, chinos, whatever. ... read more

3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
3ST.002 Primeknit Schoenen
16 april 2018
In excellent you that gives you Creek rip when and where you need it!

in excellent you from adidas that gives you great red with a great feel around the foot. This is the first time in the style of the NMD SHoe line, that Adidas has produced a issue with great trip where accounts and where you need it combined with the Comfort of primenit. The shoe could be tweaked out a little bit more, to achieve perfection. In the department of fitness or fitting the foot.Outside of that if you can get the shoe for under $100 it is a great bit! ... read more

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